For stroopwafels you need thick bakingtrays,

Thin castiron bakingtrays are not suited and do not retain heat.

Therefor we developed our own baking trays.

The baking irons are from good quality and optimalised, they are all handmade, this is necessary because otherwise the iron can't keep up with all the baking. so be careful with cheap irons without thick baking trays and no adjustments (especially in 110 volt).

(110 volt has no plug because they are different everywhere.)

Triz Setah Bakingirons are only built by Triz Setah!

The super bakingirons are comepletely handmade, available in a manual and automatic version (very heavy machines > 40 kg, so can only be transported on a pallet) But they are a real addition to your company.

Soon we deliver also the handmade version of the "normal size" robust!

For more information you can mail (is preferred because of the large amount of information).

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super robust syrupwaffle iron with springs

Stroopwafelijzer "Robust"

    *With or without closing pin*

Baking plates are replaceable (for Liège waffles and the like)

Improvements regarding insulation, foot construction and 3-phase thermostat.

-   Baking iron with thick steel baking plates.

-   Chassis neumarker with a lot of

     improvements by Triz Setah/baking trays Setah.

-   Capacity: 175 waffles per hour( 85mm)

-   Weight: 25 kg.

-   Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 30 cm.

-   2,2 Kw 120 and 230 volt available.

-   in stock


Stroopwafelijzer  "Robust" with springs

An optimalized stroopwafel iron

with thick (heavy) bakingtrays

and a system tot take over the weight.

we developed and designed these (model nr 86757-01)

For further information see above,

the "robuust".

in stock

Stroopwafelijzer "Setah"

Especially developed by Setah.

sold out

-   With thick baking trays that conduct heat well.

-   Capacity: 175 waffles per hour. (85mm)

-   Weight 25 kg.

-   Dimensions: 50 x 32 x 25 cm.

-   2,2 Kw / 120 volt and 230 volt available(on order)

Stroopwafelijzer on gas

-   Operates on propane.

-   Stainless steel, with special steel baking

     plates (no cast iron).

-   Capacity: 150 waffles per hour. (85 mm)

-   Weight: 32 kg

-   Dimensions: 75 x 32 x 45 cm

-   Only a few left.

Super Robust, 

extra Large version of the Robust stroopwafelijzer , with a baking plate of 300 x 300 mm. The springs take over the weight for you. 2200 watt  HANDMADE AND DESIGNED by TRIZ SETAH.

bakes 6 waffles(85mm) each minute or 2 superwaffles.

-   Weight: 40 kg. (because of the weight difficult to ship, needs to go on a pallet)

on order only.

(also in 3000 watt available, than 4 superwaffles,8 x 85 mm))

model registration nr 86757-01

automatic syrupwaffle baking iron
super automatic syrupwaffle baking iron
compressor for stroopwafels
stroopwafel accessoires

Stroopwafelijzer "Robust automatic"

Baking iron with baking time clock, improved foot construction, high insulation and improved 3-phase thermostat. This baking iron is noiseless and fully automatic. One push of the button and the iron closes, and it will open by itself after the set baking time. This requires a compressor (opens on air). Excellently suited to bake production thanks to its easy operation. You will bake a larger number of waffles per hour.

-   Capacity: 200 waffles per hour. (85 mm)

-  Weight: 28 kg

-   Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 30 cm

-   2,2 Kw / 110/220 volt available

-   on order only.

Robust Super Automatic stroopwafeliron

A larger version of the ‘standard’ Automatic.

With a super baking plate of 300 x 320 mm.


-   Capacity: 6 waffles at a time

-  Waffle size 85 mm or 3 super waffles.

weight over 45 kg,  only shipped on a pallet.

(also in 3000 watt available, than 4 superwaffles,8 x 85 mm)

on order only

Compressor for stroopwafelijzer 'Automatic'

Accompanying small, noiseless and maintenance-free compressor.

- Weight: 12 kg

When used abroad it is mostly more usefull to buy an compressor on sight.

-   220 volt.

The accessories as a set:

All you need in addition to your baking iron to produce syrup waffles.

- Stainless steel cutting case with synthetic top to cut the waffles to size and split them in half, with a round hole for crumb disposal.

- Induction cooktop to heat the syrup and keep it at the right temperature (230 volt only).

- A syrup pan 9 liter with thick bottom and knife wiper.

- Round cutter (standard 85 mm).

- Waffle splitting knife.

- A special knife to remove the waffles from the baking iron.

- A syrup spreading knife.

- Stainless steel cooling plate.

- Twelve pairs of gloves and a steel brush.

All the articles are also available separately .   in stock