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See what they did: Soete Swaan in South Africa

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See how the automatic stroopwafeliron works in the video.


(Setah Solutions)

The Stroopwafel Specialist!

  Good recipes, a great stroopwafeliron and guidance, you can make it to a succes!

For more information you can mail (is preferred because of the large amount of information) to:  info@trizsetah.nl

Visit our very informative WORKSHOP

We are closed for holidays from July 15 to July 30, 2024

More information? Please send an email info@trizsetah.nl

and make an appointment for the -infomative- workshop!

note: we don't make dough and syrup. (we do give all information on how to make it)

When you are abroad and not able to visit the workshop, we answer your questions through email and offer service and guidance after purchase.

dvd, original recipes and emailsupport with the recipes.

Also a full rapport with explanation about the ingredients and how they work.

We have an extensive assortment of hand baking irons (stroopwafelijzers) for syrup waffles,  all with two years warranty.

Electric, gas or automatic; it is all available and with original recipes.

 In addition we have everything you need to sell 'stroopwafels' as a professional. Also we can supply sytems for 'poffertjes' and other waffles.

All with aftersales emailsupport on the receipes.

For many years, Triz Setah (setah solutions)has been the most-used brand on markets and in shops in the Netherlands and abroad. Triz Setah advises, designs and supports in the process of purchasing professional syrup waffle irons. All potential customers receive a workshop (on appointment), where you can try the syrup waffle equipment and where you receive information about the ingredientsand the bakingirons.

We are constantly developing to improve our products where necessary.

And we would like to share our knowledge about the ingredients and recipes with you, so your business (abroad) is going to be a succes as well !