About Triz Setah irons
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The specialist in  "stroopwafelijzers"

(over 40 years of experience)

The best syrupwaffle iron you can get!

For more information you can mail (is preferred because of the large amount of information),  to info@trizsetah.nl

Triz Setah is specialist in hand baking irons, we develop and make our own stroopwafel irons! And we are the only ones who make them.

Our partners sell them under our name, no one else can claim our irons.

Triz Setah is a company with many years of experience in the syrup waffle business. This knowledge serves us well in giving advice in the field of technique and baking irons. We design our own hand baking irons , and therefore we know what is required to make a syrup waffle. We make rigorous quality requirements. If you want to start production with syrup waffles, you’ve come to the right place for high-quality baking irons geared to the professional market.

In combination with the right recipe and proper support and service you will make your syrup waffle business into a success.

The best waffle iron and the best service for our customers

Our company offers good aftersales service. Customers who have purchased a baking iron receive support through e-mail in the development of their recipes and ingredients. As an extra, customers receive a specially made film about the dough and syrup preparation, a map ‘How syrup waffle ingredients work’ and

of course the original recipe (with emailsupport).


We give a two-year warranty on all of the optimizsed syrup waffle irons from Triz Setah.

“Triz Setah /Setah Solutions has had many years of  experience in de stroopwafel business and is an  expert in the field of productionlines.”


Founder of Setah Solutions

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