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Automatic baking iron with compressor

Ingredients by Snoek Bakeries or

Markus stroopwafels

Dough, premix and syrup are available at Snoek Bakeries 



Dough and syrup etc available at Markus Stroopwafels:



Extra baking iron

For bakers who occasionally need an extra baking iron we  rent out (no commercial rent)

we also have extra baking irons to keep on baking when your baking iron needs service (just in case), this is free.

shipping stroopwafels


Shipment can be done in various ways.

We use different shipmentcompanies  (to the airport or from door to door).

Would you rather take it with you yourself? That is also possible, of course, most of the times even more interesting. (VAT has to be payed when you take it yourself and under conditions it can be paid back.)