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all over the world..

Name a country and you can find them, stroopwafels, people start

businesses all over the world.

with the perfect baking iron you are halfway there, but at least as important is of course a

good recipe and emailsupport along the way. We are glad we can offer all these things!

and help you on your way.

The baking irons are from good quality and optimalised, this is necessary because otherwise the iron can't keep up with all the baking. so be careful with cheap irons without thick baking trays and no adjustments (especially in 110 volt).


Our company continues to develop our stroopwafelijzers,, so there is now the stroopwafelijzer robust with springs.

Because you need thick plates  for baking stroopwafels,  it is sometimes sometimes heavy,

A nice solution for this was already there, the ' stroopwafelijzer Automatic'.

Super delicious baking iron which works smoothly and quickly .

But for lovers of craftsmanship we can offer you the 'stroopwafelijzer Robust with springs'.

Everything that the 'normal' Robust has, with all optimization , but the springs take the

weight off your hands. And already a great success !


By email daily , appointments are made by email as well.


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